Fahimeh is founder and director of IRCTA Adventures tour operator ., and she says to  everybody “ If you are passionate  about the nature & you want  to discover deep inside IRAN ,try our adventure tours , trekking ,hiking , mountaineering ,  bird watching ,deserting , alp touring ,photo hunting , &…………… cultural  tours around IRAN(Summery itinerary) ,you won’t regret it …

She  established  IRCTA Adventures in 2001 by members of guides and mountaineers(well experienced & skilled  mountain climbing inside & outside of IRAN)with the aim to make closer each others with nature and guidance in researching & introducing nature ,wildlife , plant covering of IRAN tribes  life  style & adventures travelling ,every members wish return tourist to its own country with lots of experiences and good remembrance  which  hadn’t  experienced in any other part of the world  . She said: I'm very glad that many of our clients-- have become our lifelong  friends,.

IRCTA is  specialized  in small group Multi-sport Adventures in Iran. There is a very strong focus on culture on our adventures. We do our best to ensure that we're having authentic encounters with the local people. We try every  itinerary be unique and combines a range of activities from mountaineering , hiking , long trekking deserting(camel riding), canyonning , para glaidding ,bird watching , photo hunting ,visit nomads & tribes (their lifestyle)Adventure holidays can be customized with as little as 2  travelers.

What we do at IRCTA Adventures:
Iran Caravanserai Travel Agency(IRCTA)as a tour operator ,professional in the Ecotourism ,mountaineering(Summit, rock climbing ,trekking)travelling in the nature(desert ,along tribes decamping) caving, diving, skiing, paragliding ,  canyoning  & hell skiing ,visiting unique wild life of IRAN and taking photos(Summery itinerary) & research travelling in the field of environmental science and sociology.