Central desert protected

The central protected desert zone is located between three cities :Tehran(capital city of Iran)Qom and Isfahan,In this area you can find out various kind of herbal that most of these uses for herbal medicine.Also this area is زیستگاه of پستانداران  same as wild cow and sheep,Gazal ,Tiger,Fax,wolf,Wild cat Rabbits………….., the most unique bird in this area is Hobare that as a rarely just can find in Iran and this zone is one of the places that Iran wild life tourism are looking for this kind of Bird.
Sorkhe Hesar and Khojir protected area. One of the oldest protected areas is located in the heart of Tehran (capital city of Iran)This area is located in the east north of Tehran called Khojir and Sorkhe Hesar zone.Iran tourist that are interested to reach this point can be there after less than an hour from center of Tehran with the entrance permit from Environment organization (Eco tour operator can help for this permit) .
This protected national park that is located in the heart if  Jajrood  protected are in one of the oldest protected zone at the world, on the other hand we can called it Tehran old