Kouhrang is among the most beautiful towns of Chaharmahal-Bakhtiyari province. It hosts various springs such as Deimeh, Parak (some 75 km from the provincial capital Shahr-e Kord), Sardab, Morvarid and Kouhrang mineral water (Chelgard), as well as natural attractions such as Choma Cave and Inverted Tulips Plain, Mehr News Agency reported.
The town’s verdant landscape and natural attractions appeals to most urban tourists.
Kouhrang Waterfall
The waterfall has been created from the water released by Kouhrang’s first tunnel. The tunnel was built in 1954 to transfer the water of Kouhrang Spring and other adjacent springs to Zayanderoud River.
Efforts to transfer water from this region date back to a long time ago. During the reign of the Safavid Dynasty, efforts for creating a fissure in the mountain and transferring water failed