The beginning of the history of the Iran language and writing in Iran Ancient period,which has been discovered in southern Iran, is about five to seven thousand years ago.
For example, one can mention the inscriptions in the temple of Ziggurat's three thousand five hundred years.But since our records are not complete, we also refrained from mentioning the pre-Achaemenid languages and writing.
The Iran history is clear from the time of the Medes dynesty , and in summary it is a person named Diaco, the founder of the Median dynasty. His successor, named Astyagh, was defeated by Cyrus the Great and the Median dynasty died.
There is any evidanc that content of the document and no written work, but there is no doubt that Median language with Ancient Persian was close, so that the Persians and the Madian understood each other well.
Ancient Parsian Language
The Persian language during the Achaemenid dynesty is called the ancient Persian or ancient Persian, which is the root of the current Persian language. The inscriptions of the Achaemenid kings and tablets of Zarrin and Simin(Golden and silver)are written in this language.
Cuneiform writing method
Achaemenid inscriptions are a cuneiform writing method. This writing method came to Iranian language from the people of Khold and the Assyrian,where they changed and made it alphabetically. This line from left to right has 36 characters and is used in carving and writing on stones and hard objects.
The first cuneiform obtained since the time of Ariar Mana and the last cuneiform since the reign of Ardeshir III. Due to the difficulty of this writing method,it fell out of the Ashkanian era and gradually became obsolete.......continue...

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