No, it is not necessary to wear a Chador unless one wants to visit a holy Shrine(for instance in Shiraz when you visit the Shah-e-Cheragh) .
Women as they wish and being comfort,can wear treasur(jeans,pants or long skirt)and  long sleeved shirt,sweater and so on. There are no limitations on the colour or material .

Yes, the head scarf should cover the hair.

No, They are not allowed .(but it is not forbiden when tourists are in the nature and camping tours.

No, it is forbidden to bring and enjoy alcohol  . 
It is well worth mentioning that Narcutic is strictly  forbidden . 

The tap water is drinkable, but it mat contain minerals .
It is recommended  to have mineral water . 

It is Rial . In daily trade, Iranians use an older unit called Tooman Is the unit for 10 Rials .

   You can exchange at the airport or any bank or change shop . 

Yes, master card and  Visa card are accepted in most 5 star hotels and in some shops . 

Yes, there are except mobile telephones do not work in Iran . 

Yes it is. the power socket outlets are 2 round circles, in which a plug White two pins can be inserted . 

Yes, please keep it until the day of your departure, when it will be collected by the passport control again . In case you lose their copy, please let the guide know.

Yes, please announce it at the custom, so that you receive a filming Permits for Iran . 

Yes there are, but no taximeters in most of them . It is advisable to Agree one a fare before hand. The majority of the taxi drivers speak Farsi. The airport taxi are more expensive than street . for Traveling between the cities one use taxi, buses, railway and air craft . 

No, most  them only  speak Farsi, but they are very helpful .

Some time yes or no….. please ask before taking photos .